What if I already have good health insurance – why should I join Canopy Family Care?

Canopy Family Care is committed to the wellness and preventive health of our Members. We provide an extensive level of personal services not usually available from a traditional medical practice that relies solely on insurance reimbursement, including: 
  • Direct, timely, and frequent access to Dr. Joey by secure messaging and telephone; 
  • Telemedicine Visits with Dr. Joey by live, real-time video with all diagnostic equipment for the visit delivered to and from your home; 
  • In-Home Blood Draws available on a schedule convenient for you;
  • Home Visits with Dr. Joey available;
  • Comprehensive coordination of your care by Dr. Joey.  
  • Working with each Member to create a Personalized Wellness plan, updated semi-annually;
  • Giving patients adequate time for their health care concerns to be fully heard and addressed by their physician.